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Double Tournament at The Orleans

Updated: May 23, 2023

Finally!! Here are the results from the Balls & Babes Handicap Doubles Tournament yesterday at The Orleans.

First, HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to bowl. You guys are amazing!

Thank you to Fawn Worthen, Daryl, and the entire team at The Orleans for allowing us to use their facility and for making it so easy for us to do what we do. Also, special thanks to our AMAZING crew (Don, Jim, Joani, Kimberly, Mr. White, and our new buddy Charlene). You guys are the best!

Our raffle proceeds this time will be donated to our dear friends and part of our original crew, Andre and Verleana Bright to help with expenses associated with Verleana’s care related to an ongoing serious illness. We love you, Mrs. V. Prayers for a complete recovery.

Now for the results…

We had 70 doubles teams and a total of:

89 entries for Handicap Doubles

12 entries for Scratch Doubles

21 entries for Handicap Singles (174 & ↓)

53 entries for Handicap Singles (175 & ↑)

7 entries for Ladies Scratch Singles

29 entries for Mens Scratch Singles

We paid out prize funds, and side action totaling of $15,911.

Handicap Doubles: $5,720

Scratch Doubles: $770

Men’s Scratch Singles: $1,040

Ladies Scratch Single: $250

Hdcp Singles (175 &↑): $1,905

Hdcp Singles (174 & ↓): $755

Brackets & Side Pots: $5,471


Handicap Doubles Champions: Nicholas Anderson & Bob Godden - trophies and $1,000 ($500 each)

Scratch Doubles: Zack Hattori & Andrew Svoren - $510 ($255 + $50 jersey bonus each)

Men’s Scratch Singles: Andrew Svoren - $390

Ladies Scratch Singles: Jackie Mintz - $250

Hdcp Singles (175 & ↑): Bob Godden - $505

Hdcp Singles (174 & ↓): Nicholas Anderson - $330

Congratulations to all our raffle winners!!

Michael Ruiz: Brunswick Mindset Bowling Ball

Andrew Valdez: Track Archetype Bowling Ball

Tony Ross: Ebonite GB4 Hybrid Bowling Ball

Liza Perez: Bowling Accessories from Geeky Comfort

Kim Ulrich: Mickey Bag from Geeky Comfort

Nadine Zamora: Free Balls & Babes Tournament Entry

Calvin Bam Taylor: Share the Wealth ($115)

Our next event is our Summer Trios on June 17th at Strike one Bowling Center. Hope to see you all there.

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