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Weekly Q&A with our favorite PBA Hall of Famer, Len Nicholson!!

Happy Wednesday!! It’s time for our weekly Q&A with our favorite PBA Hall of Famer, Len Nicholson!!

Here’s my question to get us started.

Len, since you recently launched the Phantom Radio Jr. Bowlers Club, it got me thinking.

You came up through the ranks of junior bowling. How has youth bowling evolved over the years?


Like almost everything, teaching bowling has come a long, long way. I remember being recruited by the lady coach at the new bowling center that was just built. She would take EVERY junior bowlers name & phone number and then contact you during the week to get you to bowl league on Saturday morning. NOT SURE if they do that anymore (if they don't, they should). At the start of the new league, I remember it took 3 weeks BEFORE we even threw a ball. Week one, we learned all the rules and courtesies. Week 2, we learned safety and being very, very careful at all times. Week three was how to keep score. The biggest difference is that today's kids know SO MUCH more about equipment, lane play, etc. The internet and better coaching are the main reasons for that.

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