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Update from Sherri

Good morning, y’all!!

First to all of our dads…I pray you had the most amazing day possible being celebrated yesterday for Father’s Day. We all know that any man can father a child. But, it takes a special human to be a dad.

Let’s talk about Saturday. All I can say is WOW!! We started with 36 lanes, but due to an overwhelming response to the event, our buddy Jerry Francomano (manager at Strike Zone) increased that to 54 including a buffer pair. I thought, “There’s no way we can get 52 teams”. Boy, was I WRONG!! Not only did we get 52 teams, we had people who wanted to bowl that we were unable to accommodate. Not only did EVERYONE show up, we had them all (156 bowlers) check-in and ready to bowl before our 10:00am start time. Did I tell y’all how completely amazing our team is?

As for the results, I hope to have the payouts completed and the results posted to both Facebook and our new fancy website,, by noon. Once again, I want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to my new friend, Deborah Newman, web designer extraordinaire from petitetaway for the phenomenal job she’s done to build us such a fun, informative and user friendly site.

Our Summer Singles event is quickly approaching on July 1st and 2nd at Gold Coast Bowling Center with squads at 9:00am and 1:00pm each day. We have 3 scratch divisions for the men and a ladies only scratch division. There are also 2 handicap divisions available. If you haven’t already registered, the online link is in the description portion of the facebook event. You can also visit the “Upcoming Events” page on the website and enter from there.

Now for the most important news. We have SIXTEEN NEW MEMBERS. WooHoo!! I gotta tell ya. It is completely humbling every week when I login and see the continued growth of our little group. When I started this whole thing just under 3 year ago, I would never have imagined how well it would be received and grow. In case you didn’t notice, I referred to this as OUR group. That’s because it isn’t just my group, it’s OURS. So please feel free to share all of your bowling stuff; successes and struggles, stories and memories, jokes, tips, etc. You’d be surprised how helpful and encouraging those things can be. Everyone, please help me make our new folks feel welcome. 😊

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