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Update from Sherri Morgan White

From Sherri Morgan White

Good afternoon, y’all!

Such a fun weekend. While working at the iAMBowling store at South Point for Women’s Nationals, I got to see a bunch of friends I don’t see often and meet a TON of new ones from all over the place. Most memorable were a group from da ATL, a team from Canada and a bunch of ladies from Albuquerque. Have I told y’all my favorite thing about bowling is the people? Well, it is. This weekend just confirmed why. No matter where we are or where we’re from, it’s like we’ve known each other forever, like family. Bowling makes us family. 😊

As for bowling, our buddy George Gohagan III managed to earn himself a nice little triplicate on Saturday. It wasn’t perfection, but he did what he could and shot 279 – 279 – 279 for a 837 series and his 182nd 800 series. There’s a reason his home state of Ohio inducted him into the Hall of Fame last year. Great job, as always, sir.

Mr. Wayne Smythe took home the title at the BTC on Saturday for a nice $1750. Not too shabby.


Our Summer Trios Tournament is just under 2 weeks away on June 17, 2023 at Strike Zone Bowling Center located inside Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. We only have 7 spots available, so be sure to get your entries in ASAP. The link to register is

Also, registration is open for our Summer Singles on July 1-2. We have 2 squads each day with re-entry allowed. 3 Scratch divisions by age; Ladies only scratch and 2 Handicap divisions. Check out the event page on Facebook for complete details and rules.

Here’s the BIG NEWS!!

We have SEVEN NEW MEMBERS. WooHoo!! I am so happy y’all have joined us. Please feel free to share your bowling related stuff; scores, experiences, jokes, successes and/or struggles. Personally, I think it helps us all grow and improve when we support, encourage, help and celebrate each other. Big scores don’t have to be honor scores to celebrate. I promise. For me, shooting 550 or 600 is as big a deal as shooting 800 is to our scratch bowlers. So, if it’s a big score FOR YOU, it deserves to be celebrated.

For now, @everyone, please help me make our new folks feel welcome.

Garycarl Geschke,

Teri Hamilton,

Kevin Milan,

Joseph Krazywiski,

Mariah Zuniga,

Daimon Miyamori,

Vilon Solion

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