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About Balls & Babes Bowling

Balls & Babes Bowling is an amateur sports company focused on promoting the sport of bowling. It is our desire to grow the bowling community in Southern Nevada and the surrounding areas. We are committed to promoting and increasing exposure to the sport of bowling through education; hosting and organizing competitive tournaments in a fun, friendly, safe and inclusive environment at the local and state levels; and assisting youth bowling organizations through community partnerships to help provide mentorship and coaching for youth participation in the sport. We strive to represent the sport of bowling with the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship by putting an emphasis on treating every individual with kindness and respect without regard to players’ gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or skill level.

We are committed to providing tournaments for amateur players of all skill levels utilizing a variety of formats and challenging oil patterns in a fun, friendly, competitive and safe environment.

Just a little background to let you know what Balls & Babes is all about.

sherri white

Nate and I started Balls & Babes as a team name when we bowled LV Showgirl in 2019. Since Showgirl was so close to the start of the winter season, and we already had the jerseys, we decided to keep the name for our winter league.

As many of you know, we absolutely LOVE this sport. For the longest time, it’s been on my heart to find a way to help get more people interested in bowling and help grow the sport. We decided to transform Balls & Babes from simply a team name into an organization to promote the sport.

Soooo...before the pandemic basically shut down LIFE, I had started coordinating teams to bowl tournaments together. When our bowling centers reopened, I realized the need to get people back out in the lanes. I mean, we were bowling, but with the restrictions in place there really had not been much opportunity to get out and compete. I mean, there was an occasional no-tap tournament, but much else. I was also annoyed with stories of people bowling tournaments and being left with the question of "Where did all the money go?", not to mention people telling me about winning tournaments and still losing money. That's not okay. Sooo...we decided to not only coordinate teams for tournaments, but organize and sponsor tournaments as well to give bowlers the opportunity to compete in events that are fun and fair for everyone.


A big part of our vision is also to bring the bowling community together. Bowling, unlike a lot of other sports still has organizations within the USBC that are focused on specific groups of people based on ethnicity or sexual orientation. It makes me sad that organizations such as these have ever been necessary, but that's the unfortunate reality in this country. So, in addition to fairness, transparency and integrity, our goal is to foster inclusion by making EVERYONE feel welcome, respected and safe regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.



Sherri White

Owner/Tournament Director 

Balls & Babes Bowling, LLC

PO Box 750293

Las Vegas, NV 89136

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