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Phantom Radio's Jr. Bowlers Club

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Sea J Layton writes on Facebook:

"Always good to trade ideas with the MAN himself, Len Nicholson. The bowling world should remember and embrace that man....and others who made this great sport possible and PLAYABLE.

His podcast, the Phantom Radio Show, sponsored by Kegel, is probably the longest running podcast to date.

Right now, in ADDITION to his normal discussions about the game's history, equipment, changes with hall of fame members, he's currently working with junior bowlers from around the country. Bowlers and coaches AND parents. Helping to re-grow our great sport.

I'm almost 63 years old now, and I've known Len since I was 19. I would trust him with anything I had. If you have junior bowlers in your charge, regardless of how big your venue, or how small, let's hook up. We need sponsors, and we need people who just share the love of their children bowling". Give Sea J or Brian Hirsch a message. They'll tell you what it's all about.

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